You may see us out and about posting for sale signs in yards and making people’s home dreams a reality. Or you may see us at various events, fulfilling our civic commitments and helping to make our community a better place to live and work. We invite you to get to know us a little better. Who knows, perhaps you’ve been wondering the answers to these very questions!

Meet Karyn Wortsmith

A brand new agent and loving it, Karyn Wortsmith is originally from Anaheim, Calif., but was raised in Harrison. She’s worked with her sister, Diana Blount, at Aspire for about six months. 

Karyn moved to Central Arkansas 28 years ago to attend the University of Central Arkansas. She married Little Rock native Keith Wortsmith and they have happily resided here and raised their three daughters.

Her favorite Little Rock spot is her home. In fact, it’s not just her favorite spot here, it’s her favorite spot anywhere she is.

As a girl she dreamed of becoming a nurse so she could help people. “I went to college to pursue my dreams, but quickly discovered I would have to help people in another capacity. I graduated with an early childhood education degree and had the honor and privilege of helping little people for many years.”

To get her motivated throughout the day, Karyn enjoys listening to KLOVE in the car. “I love the positive, encouraging songs and messages.”

Karyn lives every day to the fullest. “What gets me out of bed every day is the promise of a new day and all that it may hold is enough inspiration for me to eagerly get out of bed.”

When she’s not busy working, Karyn enjoys traveling, reading, photography, interior design and party planning.

Beach or mountains: “I’m 100 percent a beach girl! I can’t stand being cold and I adore the sunshine!”

Favorite season: “Summer has been my favorite season as long as I can remember because it’s the most fun season and I always get to spend more time with my family during the summer.”