You may see us out and about posting for sale signs in yards and making people’s home dreams a reality. Or you may see us at various events, fulfilling our civic commitments and helping to make our community a better place to live and work. We invite you to get to know us a little better. Who knows, perhaps you’ve been wondering the answers to these very questions!

Meet Mark Leggett

Mark with wife Lisa, also with Aspire, and their children.

This Aspire Realty Group co-owner has been in real estate for more than seven years. Born and raised in Little Rock, he says he chooses to live and work here because he “would feel lost anywhere else.”

He loves so many places and hot spots in Little Rock, but is just as happy to be in Aspire’s Hillcrest office. “It’s a great place to hang out,” he says. And the place can really come to life on many occasions such as for fun activities surrounding First Thursday in Hillcrest.

When he was a boy, Mark dreamed of becoming a professional football player.

In the car, we could catch Mark listening to a wide variety of music – hip-hop, country, 70s, 80s, top 40 – “whatever doesn’t have a commercial playing on the radio and doesn’t put me to sleep.”

His three “charming kids and lovely wife” motivate him to get out of bed every day. “Oh, and the bill collectors,” he says, smiling.

Beach or mountains? “I prefer the mountains, but since my wife prefers the beach, you see where that's going.”

Favorite season and why? “Spring is my favorite, but fall is a close second. Those both provide the perfect Jeep weather; driving on a cool sunny day with the top off is invigorating and awesome!”