Says Vicki Kovaleski, and as a 14 year breast cancer survivor, not only does she believe in regular exams, she also believes in giving back to those in need! 


Those who know Vicki knows what a ray of sunshine she brings to each room she enters.  Always smiling, always a kind word, many times with a clever wit, and always finding ways to help others in need.  She and her husband, Tom,  also enjoy playing tennis and as she has been gifted many joys and challenges in her life, she "Plays with Gratitude" and it shows on and off the court! 

When Vicki says 'believe your body', she explains before her diagnosis, she had a nagging tingling in her left breast on occasion, and at times extremely intense.  They prompted her to schedule a mammogram which ultimately led to diagnosis and the dreaded treatment process.  Along with a full mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries, she suffered the pains of chemotherapy treatment.  Her 5 year stent with oral chemotherapy led to other complications.  She shared she once had 12 screws in her left hand from compromised bone density due to her disease and treatment.  Vicki clearly understands the full scope of the challenges each breast cancer victim faces and the havoc the disease creates.


Vicki, along with her dear friend and fellow breast cancer survivor, Evelyn Menz, have created and run a support group called FAITHFUL FRIENDS.  Vicki reminds us that not only do these women deal with a medical disease, but many must also deal with the harsh realities of life.  From spousal abandonment, helping family and friends understand, to dealing with financial issues, Vicki and Evelyn meet monthly with participants of their group to provide a venue for each member to share their stories and help each other learn they are not alone. If you or anyone you know need the help of Faithful Friends, please contact the Aspire Realty Group and we will get you coonnected!!


Vicki is also a well known artist.  Specializing in watercolor, she has traveled across the country showcasing her work and giving talks to numerous groups and organizations.  Vicki has found a way use this gift to give back to breast cancer victims and survivors, by creating art pieces to be printed on note cards and available for purchase.  First of her series was called 'Sisterhood' and new series called 'Peace By Piece' in card form.  Vicki has helped  to raise over $15,000 with the sale of these cards. The Peace by Piece cards are still available for purchase.  visit www.Kovaleskistudios.com or call the Aspire Realty group to learn how!


Few of the "Peace by Piece" series