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Nov. 1, 2018

It's the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but It's never too late to get screened! Meet Leslie!

What a year it's been for Leslie Parnell!!  Leslie, a Little Rock native, moved back home a couple of years ago from Chicago with her husband Charley and their then 9 year old son.  Leslie and Charley settled into West Little Rock after taking on a major renovation of their home and began to settle in to their every day routine.  Unfortunately, as many women already know, breast cancer has a way of disrupting life.


Leslie is a firm believer in yearly mammograms, but she emphasizes the need for routine self examination as well.  Her vigilance most likely saved her life!  Take a look at how quickly Leslie went from screening and detection to the road to wellness.


Late October 2017 - Normal Mammogram

Late January 2018 -

Self Examination... felt a small bump

Called to get into gynecologist and was told they're backed up

Leslie persisted and was able to schedule a mammogram and ultrasound (within a week) Positive test results

Biopsy to confirm cancer

Within 5 days after biopsy, she interviewed 2 oncologists and made her choice


Early March 2018 - Surgery

July 2018 - Finished Chemotherapy

August 2018 - Finished Radiation Therapy 


Whew!  What a Whirlwind!!  Here are key takeaways Leslie learned and shares freely with anyone newly diagnosed:


1.  YOU have to drive your process!  Leslie was confronted with many potential obstacles that could have prolonged her process...

She could have waited longer and performed another self examination before attempting to call her gynecologist...

She could have waited for an opening in her doctor's schedule before scheduling the mammogram and ultra sound...

She could have waited to interview oncologists/surgeons...

She could have put off the surgery...

But she didn't!  


2.  It's Okay to lean on your Family and others!  As a busy mom and ex-big career gal, Leslie is accustomed to being self sufficient, accomplishing tasks, and exercising regularly. It's hard for women to ask for help much less rely on others to do what you once accomplished easily.   Husband Charley was most eager to step in to handle necessary tasks and her mother was luckily close by and pitched in,  and here's a really sweet story...


Her son's 3rd Grade Teacher, Mrs Leah McCarver of Pulaski Academy, a breast cancer survivor herself, helped to ease her student's anxiety and fears in a way only a teacher can!  She sat down with him to answer questions, and on the day of Leslie's first surgery, Mrs. McCarver took him to the hospital to see his mom after school, so Dad & Leslie's mom could stay put at the hospital to care for her.  Sweetness indeed!


This year, 4th grade teacher Mrs. Jennifer Caffey will be baking cookies with her 4th grader so Leslie and Charley can have some time together after her upcoming final reconstructive surgery.  A fine village indeed!!


3.  You really can be Bald & Beautiful!!  (Ok, she didn't really say that.) Leslie actually purchased a custom wig early in the process, and she even had a 'wig party' with her girlfriends to celebrate her path to healing.  When it came down to it, Leslie felt it didn't quite 'fit'.  As she states, it just "Never Felt Like Me".   Of course, she completely understands why women choose to wear wigs while they're struggling through treatments and recovery, yet she felt it wasn't right for her.  She wanted her son to see her as she was!  It has opened up conversations with him and his young friends, as well as empowered other women to ask questions and hear her story.  Rockin' her new 'do' also allowed her to freely get back into her exercise regimen, which was a big part of her everyday life.  Leslie recommends all women (and men) get as fit as possible NOW, so that if or when illness strikes, your body can better handle the stresses and treatments, and can help speed recovery.


Get Screened Ladies!! Then Self Examine!! 




Oct. 4, 2018

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Meet Francine!

Meet Francine Barton Del Giacco - A Breast Cancer Survivor! 


(click photo to hear of her story!)


November of 2015 did not welcome Francine with great news.  She was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS), the most common type of breast cancer.  She was close to missing it as her prior recommendations had been to get screened every 2 years.  Upon her most recent doctor's visit, her doctor advised her to go ahead and get checked because he's been seeing more women her age get diagnosed.  It's been 15 months since her last screening... who knows how things would have turned out had she waited another 9 months!


She had a genetic testing called DCIS Oncotype test which indicates the likelihood you may benefit from chemotherapy as well as chances of recurrence.  Francine scored 70 out of 100 and her oncologist recommended having a mastectomy.  By January 2016, she had a double mastectomy and first reconstructive surgery in August of 2016, and needed reconstruction revision surgery in April of 2017!  As many women can attest, it's a lot to go through both physically and emotionally in such a short time frame.


Francine's biggest take aways from her experiences:

1.  Get screened yearly!  Early detection helped Francine avoid chemo and radiation therapy after her mastectomy

2.  Do your own research!  There's so much information out there that your doctor alone may not go over all possible complications you may incur.  Francine experienced Capsular Contracture (hypertrophic scarring around implants) and implant migration after her reconstruction procedure.  A very painful remedy that she had no idea was a possible complication.

3.  Talk to other women!  Allow others to help educate you on options, solutions, and share emotional assistance that even your own family can't quite provide.


Watch Francine's Story!

June 2, 2018

Open House Sunday! 6-3-2018

We are embarking on the dog days of summer, yet it should be a great day for Home Shopping!  Click on to the following links to plan your Sunday Open House route!

2:00 - 4:00 pm




7 Broadview | Little Rock | 72207

5 BRs, 4 Ba | 3,177 sq ft | offered at $484,900

Hosted by Amy Bush 501-590-0045



4712 Kavanaugh Blvd | Little Rock | 72207

3 BR, 2 Ba | 1824 sq ft | offered at $354,900

Hosted by Lee Smith  501-804-3455


4712 Kavanaugh



7200 Windsong Dr | N Little Rock, 72113

3 BR, 2.5 Ba | 1,825 sq ft | offered at $318,500

Hosted by Megan Seyler 501-317-9472



4593 Shoal Creek |  Benton | 72019

4 BR, 3 Ba | 2,525 sq ft | offered at $329,900

Hosted by Diana Blount 501-940-3592



42 Fontenay Circle | Little Rock | 72223

4 BR, 3.5 Ba | 5,200 sq ft | offered at $699,900

Hosted by Ranae Ward 870-674-8191



7001 Sarrasin St. | Sherwood | 72120

4 BR, 2 Ba | 1,964 sq ft | offered at $229,900

Hosted by Heather Stuart 501-626-1323



7111 Lucea Road | Little Rock | 72210

6 BR, 4.5 Ba | 4,100 sq ft | offered at $419,900

Hosted by Andy Newberg 501-519-1098


Happy Home Shopping!! 





May 18, 2018

Sunday Open House!! May 20, 2018

The Weatherman says it'll be the perfect afternoon to get out to do some house shopping!!  Make plans to tour through these amazing homes this Sunday 2-4!


65 Wildwood Place, Little Rock, 72223

Wildwood Place Subdivision

4BR | 3 Ba | 2,300 sq ft

Hosted by Suzanne Jones 205.492.0598

65 Wildwood Place, Little Rock, 72223



110 S. Schiller Street, Little Rock 72205 

Capitol View / Plunket Subdivision

3 BR | 3 Ba | 2464 sq ft

Hosted by DJ Williams 501.551.6137

110 s schiller, little rock, 72205



18 Berney Way, Little Rock, 72223

Aberdeen Subdivision

4BR | 3 Ba | 3,116 sq ft

Hosted by Alan Byrd 501.607.3066


31 Talais, Little Rock,  72223

LaMarche Subdivision

5 BR | 4.5 Ba | 4,000 sq ft

Hosted by Andy Newberg 501.519.1098

31 Talais, Little Rock, 72223


5 Waterbury, Little Rock, 72223 

Waterbury Subdivision

4 BR | 2 Ba | 2,230 sq ft

Hosted by Heather Stuart 501.626.1323

5 waterbury, little rock, 72223


311 Wildcreek, Little Rock, 72223

Wildwood Place Subdivision

3 BR | 2 Ba | 1,847 sq ft

Hosted by Ranae Ward 870.674.8191


424 Wildcreek, Little Rock, 72223

Wildwood Place Subdivision

3 BR | 2 Ba | 2,027 sq ft

Hosted by Ranae Ward 870.674.8191


602 Wildcreek, Little Rock, 72223

Wildwood Place Subdivision

3 BR | 2 Ba | 2,064 sq ft

Hosted by Ranae Ward 870.674.8191



Happy Shopping!!





April 17, 2018

Aspire Inspires! Lunch with Tomorrow's Leaders


What better way to invest your time than to mentor the future business leaders of our community!  Our own Holly Driver and Megan Seyler were invited to participate, along with other business industry leaders, in Ouachita Baptist University's Luncheon for their Business Students.  Junior and Senior Business students had an opportunity to rotate around to visit with various industry professionals and learn about the opportunities and challenges each field had to face.


Holly & Megan were asked questions like "What do you find most rewarding about your work" and "How do you balance family and work".  Students were also curious to know  how they handled upholding their own personal values while working to build their careers and business.  


Aspire Realty Group is so proud of our agents who continue to give back to the community and upholding our company motto of Faith, Family, Business!  Way to go Holly & Megan!


March 10, 2018

Open House Sunday! 3-11-2018

Open House Sunday, 3-11-2018  

2:00pm - 4:00pm


Come Visit with us at one of our wonderful homes held open this Sunday!!


1609 Center Street | Little Rock Held open by Lee Smith (501) 804-3455

4Bedrooms, 3 Baths, 2981 Sq feet


1609 Center  


65 Wildwood Place | Little Rock   Hosted by Suzanne Jones (205) 492-0597

4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, 2,300 Sq feet


65 Wildwood



16 Southshore | Maumelle  Hosted by Janice Garry (870) 413-1301

4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths, 4,138 sq feet


16 Southshore

Feb. 23, 2018

Open House Sunday!

February 25, 2018

2:00 - 4:00 pm


Make plans to visit with us at our Open Houses this Sunday and see if these homes may be the perfect fit for you and your family.  Click the links to see property information and give our agents a call to ask for more information or to schedule a private tour!


7 Ridgeview Lane | Maumelle |72113

4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, 2,400 Square Feet

Hosted by Colleen Michaelis 501-352-5003




207 Commentry Lane | Little Rock | 72223

4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths 3614 Square Feet

Hosted by Alan Byrd 501-607-3066




25 Rio Grande Forest | Little Rock | 72212

5 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, 2353 Square Feet

Hosted by Mitsy Tharp

Dec. 20, 2017

Home for the Holidays - Allison Baker...How Many Nutcrakers??


Legend says that a Nutcracker represents power and Strength and serves like a trusty watch dog guarding your family from evil spirits and danger.  A Fierce Protector, the nutcracker bares its teeth to the evil spirits and serves as the traditional messenger of good luck and goodwill.


Whe're not certain how our Allison Baker's youngest son Tristan became obsessed with them, but they do make for the most dynamic addition to the Christmas Decor.  The Baker family now has 31 Nutcrackers of all shapes and sizes, and the entire family know to send Tristan at least one every year!!    Allison ordered 2 life-sized nutcrackers for him after Christmas last year, and it took until October to receive them!  These special keepsakes light up at night and and play drums/music!  


If the Legend of the Nutcracker holds true, the Baker Home is definitely the safest in the neighborhood!!


Happy Holidays Everyone!



Tristan (left) and Christian (right) with this year's nutcracker addition!  Their canine children, Baby & Ginger love to sit in front of the fire, even if it's 70 degrees outside!  We suspect they like to hang with the boys wherever they are!!




Dec. 15, 2017

Home For The Holidays - Regi & Oz!

Regi and Jeremy

Regi, Jeremy & Oz 


There are many things about Christmas that make this season so special to all of us.  Certainly, spending time with dear family & friends are the most precious.  For our own Regi Ott, her sweet little Oz brings her some of the most Joy during this Christmas season!


Oz, an 8 year old Yorkipoo, is Regi & Jeremy's 'first born'.  Pictured above is Oz's first Christmas with the Ott's back in 2010 as a 9 month old.  Regi loves to dress him up in festive Christmas attire and on this very first Christmas, she bought him an outfit that didn't quite fit.  Like any other Mom, she managed to get the perfect pic before allowing Oz to get back to his 'comfy clothes'.


'Everyone had a stocking including Jeremy, my dad, me, & Oz!" says Regi.  Oz continues to be a momma's boy and Regi's constant shadow.  We at Aspire Realty Group know Oz to be a very sweetly spoiled member of the Ott family!


Merry Christmas Aspire Friends!






Dec. 11, 2017

Home for the Holidays - Colleen's Nativity Set

Colleen's nativity

    Chris, Carly, Colleen, & Chad Michaelis


We all have that one special thing we lovingly display at Christmas that make our homes extra special!  Nothing quite compares to revisiting those keepsakes that elicits all the wonderful feelings and memories the Holiday Season brings to each and every one of us!  

Colleen Michaelis shares that one of her most prized decorations to display each Christmas is her Nativity Set.  While her Grandmother resided at a nursing home during the last year of her life, the nuns there created these beautiful porcelain pieces.  Colleen's parents had the nuns make these for her family and her Dad custom made the manger himself! 

"True Labor of Love!" Colleen says, and adds "Every year when we take it out, not only is it special because of the wonderful meaning with the birth of Jesus, but also the labor of love behind it."  How truly special indeed!


Merry Christmas Aspire Friends!


    Colleen kids & set

  Carly & Chad with their Grandfather & their special Nativity Set