Colleen's nativity

    Chris, Carly, Colleen, & Chad Michaelis


We all have that one special thing we lovingly display at Christmas that make our homes extra special!  Nothing quite compares to revisiting those keepsakes that elicits all the wonderful feelings and memories the Holiday Season brings to each and every one of us!  

Colleen Michaelis shares that one of her most prized decorations to display each Christmas is her Nativity Set.  While her Grandmother resided at a nursing home during the last year of her life, the nuns there created these beautiful porcelain pieces.  Colleen's parents had the nuns make these for her family and her Dad custom made the manger himself! 

"True Labor of Love!" Colleen says, and adds "Every year when we take it out, not only is it special because of the wonderful meaning with the birth of Jesus, but also the labor of love behind it."  How truly special indeed!


Merry Christmas Aspire Friends!


    Colleen kids & set

  Carly & Chad with their Grandfather & their special Nativity Set