Regi and Jeremy

Regi, Jeremy & Oz 


There are many things about Christmas that make this season so special to all of us.  Certainly, spending time with dear family & friends are the most precious.  For our own Regi Ott, her sweet little Oz brings her some of the most Joy during this Christmas season!


Oz, an 8 year old Yorkipoo, is Regi & Jeremy's 'first born'.  Pictured above is Oz's first Christmas with the Ott's back in 2010 as a 9 month old.  Regi loves to dress him up in festive Christmas attire and on this very first Christmas, she bought him an outfit that didn't quite fit.  Like any other Mom, she managed to get the perfect pic before allowing Oz to get back to his 'comfy clothes'.


'Everyone had a stocking including Jeremy, my dad, me, & Oz!" says Regi.  Oz continues to be a momma's boy and Regi's constant shadow.  We at Aspire Realty Group know Oz to be a very sweetly spoiled member of the Ott family!


Merry Christmas Aspire Friends!